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Cawaii french pearl jewelry pumps


Look it this ♡ Cawaii french pearl jewelry pumps !!
The pearl jewelry is so cute and tastes elegance^^/


This is gioia* original smooth looking gamaguchi (coin case).
The coloring is very nice ♥





Antique pearl&lace pamps ^^
Many of peals decoration is looks so elegance ♥

0122-2 0122-3

Cawaii black cat sweater

0121-1 0121-2

Black cat sweater (=^・・^=)
Back side has pads and tail…☆彡

0121-3 0121-4

It’s so cute ♥♥♥


DECO (decorated) iPhone case


The gougious decorated iPhone case (*^。^*)
Bring a mobile with this case you can be a hero !!

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY


Cawaii teddy bear gloves

0114-3 0114-1
Teddy bear gloves ♥
It’s looks standard mitten as hot all of fingers (*^。^*)

0114-4 0114-5

But when put off the bear face cover,,, only the end of fingers are come out so you can use PC etc !!
Wonderful cute production ♥♥♥(^O^)♥♥♥


One Face Original hand painted limeted sneakers “Fearly” !
It’s still very cold but feel like spring when get on this ♥




One Face Original hand painted hi-cut sneakers “Carland” !
So colorful and will hit people in the eye (^_-)-☆


Size: 22.0cm/22.5cm/23.0cm/23.5cm/24.0cm/24.5cm
Materials: synthetic fabric

Cawaii handmade flower lace boots


Handmade flower lace boots ♥  it’s so sweet !!
This is a collboration boots with weding designer (*^。^*)♥

0107-3 0107-2

DECO (decorated) iPhone case


Found a cute and gorgeous decorated iPhone case at mobile customized shop “Fantastic” in Shibuya !!!

Decorated with small sky blue bead and pearl ♥ It’s so cute ☆彡

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY