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princes style barrette


This is a princes style barrette what lace on lace patern with twincle stones and pearl decoration ♭


Antique tasted handmade flower ring


Antique handmade ring that concept is a ladybirds came into flower garden *


Twinkle pearl and girly sweet iPhone case *


This is a hand painted hi-cut sneakers ♥
It’s so cool and have a distinct design (^_-)-☆

Size: 22.0cm/22.5cm/23.0cm/23.5cm/24.0cm/24.5cm
Materials: synthetic fabric


Gogeous flower and twinkle jewelry parts and has 2 type of color variations !
These parts are makes your mobile case more elegance *

flower arrangement boots

0218 0218-2

Add a flower arrangement in boots than it changes more cute boots ♥
This is a collaboration item with cawaii and weding designer !!!


Cawaii european ribbon pumps !!

0216s21のコピー 0216s22のコピー

Cawaii european ribbon pumps !!
The lace tastes and flower decorations are so cute (*^。^*)
Tatoo stocking is also nice (^_-)-☆



Found a cute and gorgeous decorated iPhone case at
mobile customized shop “Fantastic” in Shibuya !!!
Gorgiou s design iPhone case  ♥
You should put sweet manicure when carry this mobile (*^^*)

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY



This is a “One Face Original – Mini Tote ” ♪Orange base with hand paint flower design is so sweet ♥

0213-14 0213-13


0213-12 0213-11

Cawaii millefeuille boots sandals !!!
Gorgious pearl decoration and point lace are so nice (*^。^*)♥