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Deco iPhone case


An iPhone case what the pearl based with golden crescent moon design is very nice ♥
Pearl tastes is so elegance (*^。^*)

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY




Antique tasted iPhone case ♥
It fits to Gothic fashion as well (*^。^*)

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY

The lace and seasell sandals

0319s3 0319s5
iレースと貝殻サンダル 0319s4

The sandals what has a lace and seashell in ankle are cute (*^。^*)
It might be fits in up coming season !!


DECO iPhone case


It’s a bit grownup design as line stone
and flower shaped feathers are makes mistelias tastes (*^。^*)

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY


decorated iPhone case


The iPhone case which is a  small clock on center is very nice ♥
Very fun to check a time as well (*^。^*)

DECO (decorated) iPhone case = price:3,980JPY


One Face Original x mini3000 GRAPHICS  T-shirt “Raspberry Love”
Want introduce you a big heart T-shirt because of today is “3.11”♥
Hope all of your heart will be warm !!!

Left side is hand painted by “One Face Original”
and right side is graphic designed by “mini3000 GRAPHICS” !!

Bunny fob watch


Wow, look it this !!
Very cute bunny  fob watch (=^^=) 

Flower hair accessary


Handmade taste flower hair accessary*
There is 4 type of coloring,,, You can change your image by one ♥

Lace sox


Sox which lace turnback is so cute. It’s fits with Lolita coodination ♥


The cawaii pumps which has sute lace (*^。^*)
Feet looks so tight and beautiful~♥