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Cawaii gorgious pumps

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This is a Cawaii original gorgious pumsps.
A lots of pearl decolattion is so nice ☆彡

Natural style kago bag

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img60508061 img60508063

Kawaii natural style kago bag !!
Basket material with pink leather design is cute ♡


DECO iPhone case


Black stone based with clear line stones collaboration and big ribbon makes so cute ♥
It fits to Gothic style (^_-)-

DECO (decorated) iPhone case



A scrunchy which is designed with interknit lace, flower and ribbon*
Spring stylish item ♥

French antique pumps


Very gorgious pumps ♥
Fits to going to partywith this (*^^*)


wooden horse iPhone case



The wooden horse iPhone case that twincle line stones are so cute.
It’s sweet isn’t it ??



This is an one piece dress what imaged Alice In Wonderland ♥
The layered lace is so sweet ~ ♥